Saturday, June 11, 2011

In the Box - Flour Sack Animation

Flour sack is struttin' along, when he stumbles upon some kind of crumpled up cloth, like . . . flour sack skin! He steps over and shuffles backward into a strange box. Examining the box, he picks it up and starts to crank the lever on the side. Suddenly, whammo! Some crazy freakshow flour sack from the brain of Steven King pops out and it's all over for this poor, lost soul. He's just another "splatter" on the sidewalk of life. Hope you enjoy ; ).


  1. aaawwwww, what happened to you doing the ninja?
    I was either going to kill yours or yours killing mine in my animation

  2. Kinda sad that the ninja idea didn't make the cut. But i am excited to see how this one works for you. It looks pretty solid as far as the story goes. I like the fact that we see the splatter on the wall from the last guy. lets us know that something is not right.

  3. Yeah, I just wasn't feeling it. And it was getting a little too elaborate in the action. I went with the other idea because of the simpler action, plus I liked the idea a lot better. You can still kill my ninja if you want to, though. ; )